– Even today, although I am not in Montenegro, I feel as if I were part of a lithium being here in Novi Sad. This is because St. Peter of Cetinje was consecrated in Sremski Karlovci, and Njegos and Prince Nikola were friends with prominent Serbs from Vojvodina. On Sunday, I will lead the lithium in Sremska Kamenica and if they ask me why there of all places, I will remind them that when their heart aches, everyone goes to Kamenica to heal, and what is happening in Montenegro is in fact a matter of the heart, ” father Perovic said.

Фото: Вечерње Новости

An enthusiastic audience consisting of people all generations flooded the stairs, corridors and the Matica Srpska Hall to greet, hear and shake hands with one of the leaders of lithium in Montenegro.

– Only Novak Djokovic could bring us together to this extent, commented one citizen of Novi Sad, trying to breake through the crowd.

Фото: Вечерње Новости

Welcoming this honorable guest, President of Matica Srpska prof. Dragan Stanic, PhD, manager of the “Maticna biblioteka“ Selimir Radulovic and writer Miroslav Aleksic said that this visit to the Matica Srpska is something never seen in its 194-year history.

Prior to his visit to Matica Srpska, Father Perovic had a meeting with the Bishop Irinej of Bled in Vldic, and today he will be the guest of the Provincial Prime Minister, Igor Mirović, and will lead the liturgy in Sremska Kamenica on Sunday.



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