The port of the Tumane Monastery was filled with many faithful people, who gathered from all over the region to receive the blessing of the Archbishop of the Serbian Church, taking part in the liturgical celebration.

In his word, the Patriarch taught the faithful people about the preparation for the fast, sharing the blessings to all for the revival of the ancient shrine of Tuman.

The Tumane Monastery is famous for its sacred relics, the relics of Saint Zosim Sinait the Wonderworker and Saint James the New, a disciple of Saint Bishop Nikolai, a miraculous icon of Kurskaya Tumansk – the gift of Russian monks. The people come to the monastery seeking the source of life in the liturgical community with the Lord, seeking solace and strengthening the prayerful representation of the Miracle Workers of Tumane.

Patriarch Irinej addressed the assembled people and said that there was no such force that could resist the sign of the love of God, our love for others. What is happening in Montenegro is one big miracle, said the patriarch.

-You have heard what is happening in Montenegro, Kosovo and Metohija, in our neighborhood. There is so much evil under this sun, and men can only solve them in God’s way- by praying to God and spreading love among men. There is no such force that can resist the sign of God’s love, our love for others. What is happening in Montenegro is one big miracle – said Patriarch Irinej to the assembled people.

– That faith that has been and put out over and over again has spoken today, it has flared. The people today defend their saints in a Christian way. It is the best way to win the good. I hope we will defend the shrines that the mighty people of this world and time have intended to take from and trade with the people. The Lord will not allow it, ”said Patriarch Irinej.

He added that he remembers how, while serving the liturgy at the Vasily Ostroski Temple in Niksic, a huge church built by the Russians, only two or three people would attend. Today, the whole of Montenegro has risen.

The arrival of Patriarch Irinej in the Tumane Monastery gave the monastery fraternity a great honor, since the last one who visited the monastery was Patriarch Paul in 1993. To the glory of God and to the joy of all, the people in large numbers were flocking to the Tumane’s holy family, and the commemoration of its great jubilee – the 630th anniversary ended beautifully – with the visit and service of the Patriarch of Serbia Irinej.


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