Boskovic was the chairman of the Board of the Pljevlja Coal Mine at the time of construction, and while holding that position he assisted the temple in Pljevlja.

“I declare before you that the Synod will have to take away the Order of Saint Sava from Mr Boskovic and let him put on whatever else he wants. He cannot put on the Order of Saint Sava, spitting on Saint Sava and the saints and forcing the soldiers to behave according to his instructions, “said Amfilohije.

Metropolitan of Montenegrin coastal Amfilohije served a prayer together with Bishop Mileshevski Atanasi in the church of St. Petka in Pljevlja tonight, and later led the liturgy on the streets of the city.

The prayer and Litia were attended by a large number of citizens.

“These liturgical prayers, which are a miracle for Montenegro and for Europe, decorate Montenegro and decorate Europe,” Amfilohije said, addressing the gathering.

He said that they have been receiving greetings from all over the world, all the way from Constantinople, Jerusalem, from the Moscow Patriarch, from Iman Hussein, a well-known Islamic theologian who, as he said, called on all Balkan Muslims to be extradited to Orthodox Christians defending their holy sites.

“What this famous teacher of Islam felt was that it is not only about the fight againts Christian shrines, but also the Islamic shrines, even though a contract had been made with our Muslims to deceive them by our side’s representatives. This is because, if this law gets passed at the level of Montenegro, it applies not only to the Orthodox, but also to all religions. They have made a deal to deceive them, because tomorrow – this law will be above all the contracts they are making now. That is why this famous Islamic theologian sensed this and sent his greeting. We also received greetings from Effendi Mustafa Maksic of Sjenica, the former President of the Islamic Community in Sjenica and Sandzak who was once the Vice President of the Supreme Assembly of the Islamic Religious Community of Serbia. I am convinced that the Mufti of Pljevlja would also support what is happening here because he too feels that this is a fight against God and the name of God called him Allah, or God or whatever, “said Amfilohije.

He urged those present to “pray for those who make these laws of slavery so that God may set them free and restore their faith and sp that they may return to their graves.”


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