Photo: Milica Vuckovic

“When I look at myself as a Serb, or as someone who loves the Serbian state, it’s very stupid to talk about any separation or surrender of 15% of the territory. No one in the world would do that”, said the Bishop of Dusseldorf-German.

At the same time, he is convinced that Albanians – who are not majority Christians – can live with us, as he said, Christians:

“This is possible thanks to Christianity”, Bishop Grigory said and as KoSSev reports.

He interprets the “Kosovo covenant” as a way of life.

It should not be related only to the territory of Kosovo, but to everything in general, wherever a man lives, if he wants to live the covenant, he can. And that covenant means sacrificing yourself for another, not sacrificing another for yourself.

“When is the “Kosovo Covenant“ Important? This is when it originates from the New Testament and is not contrary to the New Testament. That’s what I think of Kosovo”, says Bishop Gregory.

He reiterated that during the now-famous meeting held last year in the Patriarchate with the Serbian President Mr Aleksandar Vucic, the bishops did not hear any plans for Kosovo and Metohija.

“What’s interesting, is that when you come face to face with someone and ask them that famous question – what is your plan?, they never have one. That’s one of the problems”.

Asked by the audience what would happen if he were a patriarch, Bishop Gregory replied:

“If I were a patriarch, which is nearly impossible to happen, but if we leave out the percentage of fearing it would happen, I would be be in a difficul relationship with the state. I would be having issues with every government, not only this one that will last only for a short while longer, but also with that one of the future”.

Photo: Milica Vuckovic

Instead of hatred towards the president, or presidents, the bishop suggests “we should love them”.

“But to love them by not allowing them to do anything that is not good,” he noted at the end of his speech.

Jeremiah’s cry over the city and sacrifice

The prophet Jeremiah announces with his concern for the city of Jerusalem that other people will come and conquer Jerusalem because the city, along with its rulers, has fallen into immorality. They throw him into a pit, and that’s where the famous Jeremiah’s cry over the city is made. This phenomenon of prophets has existed in our nation until recently, but it is now completely lost.

What is very important at this moment, not only with us, is the willingness to sacrifice, for one man to be a victim for the whole city. It is the most profound form of political life and that by its sacrifice it is a warning to everyone. Not for everyone to die, but for him to be incarcerated, locked up. This phenomenon is very important here, we need these people with personal courage”.


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