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Addressing a large number of faithful people, Bishop Dimitriy said that since his baptismal walk in defense of the saints had begun, Dostoyevsky’s thought that beauty would save the world is in his mind and heart.

“Indeed, when I look at these children and you, your faces, that thought is affirmed. The supreme beauty is the image of the Lord, the figure of our Jesus Christ. His Holy Gospel, His lessons, His word and deed, and most of all – His sacrifice. In the hour in which He suffered most, He did not think of Himself, but of others, of our fellow man, of us. And that is why the beauty that will save the world is truly every man who, in the image of his Lord, does not live for himself, but lives for his brothers and sisters, and lives for the future of these children who are with us tonight. “

Photo: Boris Music

Quoting another great Russian writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who said that the salvation of humanity is that everything that happens to our loved ones concerns us too, the bishop said that every suffering, illness, someone’s crisis in the family… everything should also concern us. According to him, this is what is great about these lithiums because we are gathering during these days to show that we are concerned, that we care. He pointed out that this world today suffers greatly from indifference and not caring for one’s neighbor:

“And these lithiums are just not that. They are an expression of supreme concern for God and that of God, and for people and humanity. They are an expression of supreme concern and attention to the world we live in and to the people we live in it with, and to the country and society in which we live. ”

He emphasized that these days we are obliged and held responsible by this light that is pouring into our hearts.

“Let us be careful and held accountable standing before this holy secret in which we all are now and from which we draw inspiration. Let us shut the mouths of those who try to slander us, saying that we are destroying something here. We are building and perfecting things for the better. We are building and elevating our hearts, and then by fighting this law, we are striving to build a society we live in and a system that should protect each and every citizen and not discriminate against anyone on any grounds. We are here for that, ” Bishop Dimitri said.

His Excellency the Bishop of Dimitrije, the Bishop of Zahum-Herzegovina and Littoral, finished paraphrasing the verses of the children’s writer Ljubivoj Ršumović:

“The sacred things are defended with a book and a song about heaven, a sister’s tears, a mother’s care, and that flour in bread. The sacred things are defended with beauty and honor and knowledge, The sacred things are defended by living a holy life and a wonderful upbringing. We don’t give up on our sacred things.”


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