“It cannot be clear to us who, and for what purposes, needs such a dishonorable act – whether it was meant to express one’s dissatisfaction or represents a deliberate provocation coming out of one’s political kitchen” the statement said.

It is emphasized that the dioceses of the SOC “are disgusted by public appearances, on all levels, coming from the state leadership all the way to the civic sector, which in a completely unfounded and reckless manner associate these vile actions with the citizens who participate in the church liturgies”.

“For there is no Christian hand to raise the banner with Christian signs, nor is there a civilian hand to hurt the flag of their country. But we are not sure that there is no evil plan, which would not orchestrate an anti-state campaign, portrayed in it as an anti-state coup, to extend its effect in this way, for a one-time media abuse. The messages from our lithiums will be those of a prayer for brotherly peace and harmony, as have been thus so far” the statement said.


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