Abbot Sava pointed out that the SOC is not the state church of Serbia but the majority church in several countries and is present on all continents.

“It is not only the citizens of Serbia but more countries. The idea of ​​creating a so-called Montenegrin Church is a recurrence of the communist and totalitarian mentality that some politicians have not yet liberated themselves of ”– said Abbot Sava.

“The Serbian Orthodox Church has believers of different nationalities and languages ​​and the service is served in all languages ​​of the countries where the Church operates. There are Americans, Germans, Italians, French, etc. in our ranks. The concept of national churches is being transcended every day in a global society” pointed out the abbot of the High Decani Monastery, citing the Russian Orthodox Church as an example.

“In the building of the Moscow Patriarchate, we see the patriarch’s throne surrounded by the flags of the states in which the Moscow Patriarchate operates. It is no longer just a Russian Church, it exists all over the world, although it is based on Russian tradition” Abbot Sava recalled, emphasizing that the idea that every new state should form its own church was in fact an attempt to use the Church for political purposes.


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