And a man cannot be in someone else’s home if he is not in his own. And God filled Gojko and his wife’s house with many children; five sons gathered around the warm hearth.

His Second Home, the Theological Academy houses and educates fifty theologians.

Seemingly quiet, with the soul of a boy, always just and always ready to understand the problems of his theology students, Professor Perovic does not relent when measuring students’ knowledge. Somewhere, he was rumored to be a “strict professor” but an extremely gentle father.

During the prayer service at the Cetinje Monastery, after praying next to the remains of St. Peter of Cetinje, he told the Montenegrin brothers that they should put together a Christmas tree – one of love and reconciliation, and then he wept. Father Gojko’s sincere tears have become a symbol of Montenegrin schisms and divisions.

The rector of Cetinje Theological Academy is not an “imported” priest as the Montenegrin authorities call them, for what they received an answer from him:

“I am a Montenegrin, originally from Katunska nahija. I am not a member of any party. All the friends I know were born in the middle of Montenegro. My ancestors did not separate Serbs from Montenegro. ”

He does not cuss, debate, and recently asked Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic:

“What is aggressive about the cosmopolitanism in Montenegro? What is it that overthrows the Montenegrin religious and national identity – if it is not the violence that is perpetrated against the Saint Sava itself? Can we get rid of his name and memory and then be like those who gave birth to us and who created Montenegro?”

Photo: Savo Prelevic

He had been waiting for Djukanovic’s response for months and then, instead, sent him a law that would “make the SOC clergy understand that nothing belongs to the state of Montenegro,” and that it was “incorrect to say that the church created the state because it existed before it “.

Perovic again folded the tab and wrote to him “and much criticized authorities”:

“It is not at church councils that we have decided to form a party or form a government, but you have declared a ‘restoration of the church’ at the party congresses and passed a law that we do not need as it is.”

Born a stone throw away from the sea in Kotor in 1972, he was raised in Herceg Novi, educated in Belgrade and started his profession in Cetinje, where he is living now still.

When a person has something to say then it is not immodest to frame this text with sentences uttered on various occasions by the rector of Cetinje Theological Academy:

“We are brothers. There is too few of us to be divided.”

“He that raises his hand against his brother, or tries to throw a stone, let him hope for nothing good.”

“We are striving for this state to be better and stronger, with these laws, so that we also live in it as real people, and if we are people then we can be Montenegrins and Serbs, and whoever we feel we are. Because there is no prayer for us without them, and there is no prayer for them without us. ”

“If a man is happy with what he has and if he does not look at what the other has received,  but grows and develops what is his own, then God can add to it even more.”

“We priests need to constantly think about whether we live what we preach daily.”

“We will not joke with our country. We walk freely, with prayer in our souls and with Montenegro in our hearts. ”

The following quotes justify the messages of young people who wrote on one social network: “Lord speaks, Father Gojko Perovic just opens his mouth.”


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